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Motorcycle Training Program - Basic

Motorcycle Training Program - Basic


The Basic Rider Course is designed for riders of all ages. This State-approved/State required course consists of a minimum of five hours classroom instruction and at least ten hours of practical riding in a controlled, off-street environment.


In the classroom, you'll learn about the different types of motorcycles, their controls, how they operate and how to become a responsible rider. Your Rider Coach will advise you on what gear to wear for protection and comfort. You'll learn how alcohol and other drugs adversely affect your ability to ride safely.

The course concludes with a knowledge test and a riding skill evaluation. When your Rider Coach hands you the course-completion card, you will be happy knowing that you've gone the extra mile to develop your own safe riding techniques.

Upon successful completion of this program, students must present the appropriate paperwork to Department of Motor Vehicles to receive their motorcycle endorsement.

You are now part of the wonderful world of motorcycling!

Unique Requirements:

Registration is on a first come basis. The class is limited to 8 students. Enrollment in the scooter division is limited to two (2) students per class and is on a first come basis. When registering, you must indicate if you want motorcycle or scooter instruction.

Students must have a valid driver’s license and students under 18 must have a parental waiver to participate.

Motorcycles, scooters, and helmets used in the program are supplied by the school. You may use a personal helmet but it must be DOT approved.

What are the BasicRider Course enrollment requirements?

Be at least 16 years old. Hold a valid driver’s license or a learner's driver license to enroll in the Basic Rider Course Having a basic knowledge of traffic laws, road signs and general "road rules" is an important pre-curser to the rider course. If under age 18, hold a learner’s license for one year with no traffic convictions. If under age 18, a parent/guardian must accompany the student to WTC for registration.

What does getting a "Motorcycle Only" driver license involve?

  • Be at least 16 years old, and if under 18, hold a Learner's License for one year with no traffic convictions.
  • Pass the same knowledge test as for a regular Class E operator's driver license.
  • You must complete the basic motorcycle safety course.
  • After you complete the course go to a driver license office or tax collector office that issues licenses and inform them that you completed the course. Upon providing proper ID and paying the required endorsement fees your license will be issued with a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Your license will be restricted to operating "Motorcycles Only."

Motorcycles, scooters, and helmets used in the program are supplied by the school. You may use a personal helmet but it must be DOT approved.


  1. EYE PROTECTION – Eyeglasses, sunglasses or goggles
  2. OVER THE ANKLE FOOTWEAR – No high heels or thick soles
  4. JEANS OR STURDY LONG PANTS – No baggy or flared styles
  6. D.O.T. APPROVED HELMET – WTC will provide if you do not have one
  7. RAIN GEAR – optional, but recommended

The Department’s Florida Rider Training Program has a wealth of information on motorcycle safety and proper licensure. For more information, check out Florida Rider Training Program website.

Course Information

Course Cost - $225

  • Come to the Cashier’s Office (Bldg. 100, Room 117A) at WTC to pick up an application
  • Fill out the application (a copy will be made of your driver license)
  • Pay the fees via cash or credit / debit card only. A 5% convenience fee will be assessed on all debit and credit card transactions. Convenience fee does not apply to payment with cash, money order, or cashier’s check. We accept MasterCard and Visa only.
  • Rider Handbook materials will be provided at the time of payment. If you want the book mailed to you, there is a $6.95 shipping fee

Upcoming Course Schedule


May 11, 13, and 14

June 3 and 4

June 17 and 18

July 15 and 16

August 12 and 13

August 26 and 27

September 9 and 10

September 23 and 24

October 7 and 8

October 28 and 29

November 18 and 19

December 2 and 3

December 16 and 17

Future Class Dates TBA

Courses are held on the days of the week and at the times indicated:

Thursday Night: 6pm – 9pm – Classroom Course

Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 3pm – Outside Course

Attendance is required at all class sessions.

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WTC Basic Motorcycle Class