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Medical Coder / Biller


The mission of the Medical Coder/Biller program is to prepare students, who believe that learning is a lifelong process, to be literate, informed, responsible productive members of today’s society with the skills necessary to become employed in the field.


This program instructs students in transforming healthcare diagnoses, surgeries, procedures, and other medical services and equipment into standardized alphanumerical codes, as well as in the process of submitting medical claims to health insurance companies for payment for services rendered by healthcare providers. Students will include in their studies medical terminology, an understanding of human anatomy and physiology and pharmacology, as well as fundamentals of disease processes. Coding systems, insurance billing and reimbursement, and ethical/legal responsibilities are also taught.

Industry Certification

Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)

Unique Requirements

Completion time depends on the progress of the individual. The typical length of this program for the average achieving student is 1110 hours. The State of Florida requires students to meet a basic skills requirement prior to program completion. The basic skills grade levels for this program are: Computation (Mathematics) 9, Communications (Reading Language Arts)11.

Certificate Requirements:

A student must meet ALL the following conditions to earn a Certificate of Program Completion from WTC:

  • Attain a grade of “C” or better (2.0 GPA) for the program
  • Complete the required curriculum
  • Settle all school debt including returning textbooks for high school students
  • Meet Florida Basic Skills requirements for the program
  • Receive the instructor’s recommendation

Program Information

WTC is not currently enrolling in this program. For more information, please contact WTC’s Student Services Department.

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Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)