Technology Support Services

Technology Support Services


The mission of the Technology Support Services program at Withlacoochee Technical College is to provide the students with the instruction, training, atmosphere, and facilities needed to become employed as competent IT technicians and related occupations. Each student’s ability and effort will determine his/her individual success in this program.


The Technology Support Services (TSS) program is designed to start the student in the information technology (IT) industry as a help desk technician. Additional post-secondary education or training will be needed to attain higher level positions. While intended to prepare the student for entry level positions, the TSS course is helpful to build a solid background knowledge of computer systems, operating systems, configuring systems, and troubleshooting techniques. If the student has little or no experience with computers, this program is a good place to so start as it will provide the student with basic computer knowledge.

The classroom and lab instruction addresses configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting computers and computer systems. This program provides the student the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to enter this career field. Additional topics covered include identifying user needs, installing network hardware and software, problem solving skills, communication skills and customer service. Preparation for industry recognized certifications are part of the program.

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Industry Certification


CompTIA Network+

Unique Requirements:

The State of Florida requires students to meet a basic skills requirement prior to program completion. The basic skills grade levels for this program are:
Mathematics 10.0, Language 10.0 and Reading 10.0.

Completion time depends on the progress of the individual. The typical length of this program for the average achieving student is 600 hours.

Completion Levels:

  • Technology Support Specialist

Job Wages

Local employers have verified that the range of wages that can be reasonably expected by students who enter this field upon completion of the program are from $28,000 annually to $40,000 annually (Based on year-round, full-time employment)

Completion Requirements:

A student must have passed all required courses in the program, attend at least ninety percent (90%) of the class hours offered and satisfied all financial obligations before he or she is eligible to receive a certificate of completion for the program.

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